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15 Years of Protecting Our Clients' Local SEO Universe!

Within the secure fortress of Brainspike Marketing, your Local SEO superhero has been meticulously crafting their home service SEO strategies for over 15 years, battling the ever-morphing algorithms of Google and Google Business Profiles systems! No one has a deeper grasp on home services and local SEO for their local space than Brainspike Marketing. We love helping our clients rank better and get more leads.  We take getting you ranking seriously. 

Affordable Local SEO Packages

Local SEO Packages Based on The Specific Needs Of Your Company

While other SEO entities may stumble amidst the cosmic complexities, Brainspike’s local SEO super heroes sail seamlessly through the SEO universe, perpetually adapting with the latest and most potent Content and link-building tactics. We know how to analyze your business, it’s competition, and how to overcome that SEO competition in your niche to get you the results you are looking for. We truly care if your company succeeds. 

Local SEO Foundation Package

Low Competition Niches or Small Areas $1,000 Initial Set Up fee. (1st month included)


Local SEO Impact Package

Low/Medium Competition $1,500 Initial Set Up fee. (1st month included)


Local SEO Change The Game Package

Medium to High Competition $2,500 Initial Set Up fee (1st month included)


Local SEO Take Over Package

High Competition Niched in Large Areas $4,000 Set Up fee. (1st month included)


Our Local SEO Services

Unleash Superpowered Success with Our Heroic Local SEO Services!

Intense Keyword Research

Unlocking ranking opportunities with thorough keyword analysis.

GBP Listing Optimization

Boosting local presence with strategic Google Business Profile tweaks.

Powerful Website SEO Optimization:

Enhancing site visibility and relevance through targeted SEO practices.

Strategic Link Building

Expanding site authority and reach with quality, strategic links.

Authority-Building Blog Posts

Cementing your niche authority with insightful, SEO-rich content.

Business Directory Submissions

Amplifying online presence through strategic directory listings.

Comprehensive Ranking Reports

Providing clarity and insight with detailed SEO performance snapshots.

Competitive Analysis & Lead Generation

Outsmarting competition and boosting customer engagement with data-driven tactics.

Top Local SEO Company

Brainspike Marketing, Your Cosmic Shield Against SEO Challenges!

Soaring through the tumultuous tides of the Google galaxy and search engine realms, where others may be consumed by the SEO black hole, Brainspike Marketing’s Local SEO Super Heroes ensure your online presence is not merely a twinkle but a dazzling star, all while keeping menacing extra costs lost in the abyss! Together, under the celestial banner of Brainspike Marketing, your business shall ascend in the Google galaxy, conquering visibility, obliterating obscurity, and reigning supreme in the local SEO universe!

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Embark on Your Local SEO Journey with Brainspike Marketing

Where Your Digital Success is Celestially Assured!

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Venture into the realm of enlightenment with our FAQ Citadel! Unmask the mysteries of SEO with the wisdom of Brainspike’s valiant defenders. No query is too small in the quest for digital supremacy!

Local SEO is like donning your business with an invisibility cloak against obscurity! It ensures your business stands out in local searches, reaching customers in your vicinity just when they need you the most. It's not just about being seen; it's about being seen by the right people at the right time!

Even in a world of super speed, SEO requires patience. It's a journey, not a teleportation! Typically, noticeable results manifest between 1-4 months, but significant improvements might take longer depending on the age of your website and many other factors. Our heroes are dedicated to your site's improvement, deploying their powers to propel you upwards as swiftly as possible without getting Google mad at you!

Absolutely! Just as heroes are accountable, we ensure you're equipped with detailed monthly reports showcasing your rankings, traffic, and other key metrics. While we ward off the SEO evils, you can monitor the conquests and territories reclaimed in real-time!

Triumphs of Trust

Our Clients Speak!

Embark on a journey through the success stories of those who enlisted the power of Brainspike Marketing’s heroes. Their victories can be yours!

Before Brainspike Marketing, our visibility was as good as invisible. Their team swooped in, capes flying, and within months, we were not just seen; we were sought after! Our traffic has skyrocketed, and so have our leads. They're not just SEO experts; they're SEO superheroes!

Jamie T The Superheroes of SEO!

I didn't understand the power of local SEO until Brainspike Marketing took the reins. They transformed my business from a virtual ghost town to a bustling metropolis of activity. Calls? Up! Bookings? Up! They truly have the Midas touch!

Alex R From Zero to Hero!

Brainspike Marketing's team are the guardians of the SEO galaxy. Since partnering with them, my business doesn't just climb the rankings; it soars! Their strategy is a game-changer, and their support is unwavering. If you want to be a leader in your local market, look no further.

Morgan L My Business is Flying High!

Every promise, delivered! In the fierce battle for local prominence, Brainspike Marketing armed us with a strategy that not only elevated our position but had our competitors conceding. Their expertise is unparalleled, their results, undeniable!

Casey D Conquering the Competition!
Super Hero SEO Services

Embark on Your Local SEO Journey with Brainspike Marketing

Where Your Digital Success is Celestially Assured!